Champion By Design is the result of twenty years of private research, development, testing and proving powerful high performance technologies for enabling the unlimited human potential at every stage of life.


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WINNERS use Champion By Design

The breakthrough you are looking for is
going to be a breathrough in your thinking.

CBD Success Conditioning
Weekly Stream

Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Champion By Design is delivered to your smart phone / tablet / computer streaming device weekly for daily use. All you need is an internet connection.

This mental toughness and high performance life enhancement program brings you the powerful gains you want without adding extra time and workload to your busy schedule. It is simple, powerful, proven and easy to use.

Program benefits:
  • FEEL MORE FOCUSED - Reach your goals more powerfully and rapidly with this proven evidence based scientific approach.

  • FEEL MORE CONFIDENT - Boost performance beginning immediately to a next level.

  • FEEL MORE PASSION - Intensify, revitalize and powerfully enhance your passion for success.

  • LEARN MUCH FASTER - Accelerate learning and mastery of new skills (physical, emotional, mental) up to 300% faster.

  • FEEL FRESHER - Recover faster, deeper, and better from life, training, competition, and work.

Program includes:

  • Weekly success conditioning program
  • Text/email/phone consulting
  • Special 'Easter Eggs'

Training your mind to be your best is easy with Champion By Design programming. This system continues to improve and evolve with close input from Olympians, World Championship athletes, professional athletes, and high performance experts from around the world.

Champion By Design is a one of a kind total life success system that helps you tap into your full human potential. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Start the Champion By Design Success Conditioning Weekly Stream today!



WINNERS use Champion By Design

The breakthrough you are looking for is
going to be a breathrough in your thinking.

Finish stronger than ever before. Carve your legacy. You have nothing to lose but your limitations. Start this Champion By Design program today!



"The mind is the final frontier in success no matter what. Champion By Design addresses it better than anything I've ever seen."

"I went to sleep with Champion By Design and I'm relaxed and focused. I feel great and I have three tests today and I'm not even nervous. I like it a lot."

"I really enjoy the presentation. It's very positive and I can tell it is helping me in my life."

"Really good. Nice and relaxed. Keeps putting me to sleep." -California

"I like the way I wake up in the morning. I feel like it's pushing me in a positive direction without doing anything every time I use the program."

"The program is relaxing and helps me sleep. I wake up feeling good and refreshed."

"Wow! Slept deep. Dreamed deep. Awesome! Powerful! CBD lessons are like no other.
-New Jersey

"Honestly, I have not slept so well in months. I love the new program. -Ohio

"Me and my girlfriend broke up and I wasn't able to sleep and I was all out of shape. I started to listen to Champion By Design and now things are going great. I sleep great, like a baby and wrestle better. I would be up till 1 or 2 in the morning. Now I go to bed at 10. The program is great. Can't wait for the next one."

"It's amazing. I've been much happier than normal the past couple of days. Regardless of what I'm doing. I've also noticed that I've been more awake and alert after waking up in themornings."

"Last night I didn't even know I was asleep but I woke up in the morning and was thinking I have to focus everything in what I'm doing to get what I want. I think Champion By Design is really working for me." -Ohio

"Man, it seemed like it was only five minutes long - so it zoned me out great! It's perfect." -Ohio

"Really breakthrough material... love it!"

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